Chapter News

Semester Report Spring 2016

The spring 2016 semester has provided the brothers of Zeta Psi, Nu Chapter with many exciting experiences, as well as opportunities for personal growth and for growing involvement in the community at Case Western. These experiences ranged from rush events, to opportunities for becoming a more responsible chapter, to shared events with other Greek organizations.

The semester began with an unusually fruitful spring rush week. The brothers got to know a number of interesting young individuals at events like Hot Sauce Williams dinner, bowling, and game night. Rush week concluded with a formal bid dinner, during which chapter accepted 7 new pledges.

The brothers learned much about personal development and what it means to be a responsible brother at events like Bystander 101, during which brothers attended information sessions about responsible and safe conduct in situations involving sex, substances, and the self. Pledges reported that they learned much about how to fix a situation that is in danger of going awry, emerging from the sessions armed with new strategies such as delegation, direction and distraction. Additionally, the chapter hosted a SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis, during which the Zeta Psi National Chief of Operations laid out strategies for improvement as a chapter.

The Nu Chapter also engaged in a number of inter-organizational activities. Among several events, the Delta Gamma pancake mixer and the Phi Mu service mixer were particularly enjoyable. The brothers sharpened up their food prep skills while making pancakes, then got together with Phi Mu to prepare lunches for those in need.

In TKPhi,
Aaron Weinberg

Semester Report Spring 2014

Spring 2014 has been an active and bright semester for the Zeta Psi Nu Chapter. We grew as a chapter in many different categories, such as rush events, service to the community and school, brotherhood bonds between other chapters, and exciting experiences that brothers enjoyed together over spring break! In all, the Nu Chapter has had an awesome start to the spring semester.

To kick things off we had a successful Rush week in the beginning of the semester. Nu chapter introduced many potential pledges to all the active Brothers of the Nu Chapter, and we learned a lot about the uniqueness and character of the incoming candidates. Later in the semester we had our chapter big brother ceremony, where we further extended the family tress of our chapter. All the pledges received a big and were excited to continue the pledging process for the fraternity! In the end we initiated five new brothers and now are looking forward to next semester’s rush events to further propel the future of our chapter.

Moving on, brothers from Theta Eta came down to visit the chapter and the campus in the beginning of the semester. The brothers had such a great time that the following week Nu brothers visited Theta Eta to experience the intercontinental connections that Zeta Psi provides. The event was a great success, and the active brothers bonded closely and planned future events between chapters.

Another quality that thrived was the philanthropy of the chapter. Many Zetes participated at Case Western’s annual fundraising event called SpartanThon, where we raised awareness and funds for Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital.

Lastly spring break came along quick and we had many Zetes travel all over the world. Some of the places included, Panama City, Los Mochis in Mexico, Miami, New Orleans, and Daytona. Many of these adventures were shared between brothers, as many travelled together. This further fostered our brotherly bonds and the connections that we all share as a chapter.

In TKPhi,
Brian Fokken

Semester Report Fall 2013

This semester, the Nu chapter of Zeta Psi has made much progress both in the community and within itself. This breaks down into many categories, including membership, housing, public relations and community service. The brotherhood has indeed achieved a great amount of things, which, in a greater sense, strengthens the bonds in the brotherhood itself. Overall the Nu Chapter has had a great semester, and a fantastic start to the year.

To start things off, we had a very effective rush week. This led to a diverse and committed pledge class that acted not only as budding members of the fraternity, but also as a social network to meet an even larger amount of potential rushees. In this way, we have secured not only the present growth, but also the future growth of our chapter. We were lucky enough to be able to initiate seven new members at the end of the semester and look forward to next semester’s rush.

Another aspect that we flourished in this semester was our social events. We had a number of successful ones, starting with Zetepaint 2013. A large portion of the Case Western student body came out to listen to local DJ Troika and the main performer, DJ Trademark, in a dance party where paint was sprayed into the crowd of students for the entire night. Students loved it and look forward to next year’s addition.

Following this, we hosted an alumni event in our house known as Clambake. Here, alumni of all ages came to enjoy a feast with us cooked solely by other alumni. The event was a great success, and the active brothers and elders bonded closely and planned for years to come. All in all, public relations were overwhelmingly positive this semester, and Zeta Psi has kept a very respectable reputation in the eyes of the student body, as well as Case Western Greek Life.

To expand upon that, Zeta Psi has excelled in multiple fields as of recently. Specifically, our community service is highly admirable in the eyes of everyone. On campus, we have a total of 479 cumulative service hours for the chapter, second for all fraternities. Alongside service, we have made leaps and bounds in the area of housing. As of our last walkthrough by Greek Life, we scored the highest score for house maintenance and cleanliness. Through a renewed sense of cleanliness and respect for our house, we have been able to create a clean and warming atmosphere for all members of the fraternity.

With everything considered, the Nu chapter is in tip-top shape. We look forward to the second half of the year with the same anticipation and ambition, and will be taking our chapter to even higher places.

In TKPhi,
Tyler Clarkson

Semester Report Fall 2014

The Nu Chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity had a great first semester to start the 2014-2015 school year. Fantastic rush, service, brotherhood bonding, and alumni events all contributed to a stellar first half of the academic yaer and, ultimetly, significant growth for the Nu chapter.

Rush events went absolutely swimmingly; brothers and potential pledges got to meeet one another over many engaging activities such as basketball, cookouts, bowling, poker, and a formal dinner.

The brothers welcomed alumni of the chapter for another successful Clambake. Approximately eighty brothers, current and alumni, enjoyed a full day of bonding and eating a delightful buffet of clams, chicken, and ribs. The evening concluded with a reaffirmation of the strength of the relationship between current and past brothers, and a commitment to remain in contact for the year to come.

The chapter was very involved in philanthroy events this semester. Twenty of our brothers attending the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash event for Ebola awareness. We competed in swimming races as well as a majestic synchronized swim routine for the song Bang Bang, by Jessie J.Following this successful event, the brothers gathered for the Alpha Chi Omega kickball competition to end domestic violence, in which we placed third. Finally, the brothers participated in the Phi Kappa Psi soccer tournament,to raise awreness for African childern. The chapter placed first in this event, which concluded a successful semester of philanthropy and involvement within the greek community at Case. The brothers enjoyed a semester filled with fun social events to bring the chapter together closer as a community. Zeta Psi had teams represented in every intramural event throughout the fall. Beginning with flag football, our teams were represented in the playoffs, continuing into the socer season and volleyball season. We look forward to future opportunities to compete as a team and represent the chapter's values of discipline, effort, bonding, and fun. The chapter finally had the opportunity to socialize with the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega for a fun night of laser tag dinner.

Finally we welcomed eleven new brothers to the Nu Chapter. We look forward to their contributions and to a strong second semester.

In TKPhi,
Connor Wolfe